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life is beautifully complex

Today as I come here to write I realise it's been almost two years since my first entry.
I've recently decided that, if I'm going to achieve my goals, I need to simplify my lifestyle.
That means attempting less, and achieving more.
So the question I want to explore is, Which aspects will I reduce? expand? abandon completely?
Whatever happens, I know I need to write. If I write in too many places, or to too many people, I will dilute my efforts. On the other hand, if I write, longer substantial pieces, I can achieve something more noteworthy.
It's uncanny that, at this very time, I have contact with two people who want me to write and edit work for them. One, an African pastor, has been asking for my assitance for two years. The other is a middle eastern writer, who wants to work with me on a film-script in English. They have both persisted in asking for my help even though I've neglected them for weeks or months.
I think this story carries the seeds of a larger truth.
It probably also tells me something about the nature of friendship, for there are many people I've neglected. In the past I've defined friends as the people with whom I initiate connection and with whom trust has developed through contact, communication, and shared experience. If that is true, then at the moment I have very few friends because I've been inconsistent in making contact.
It's time to make some changes.

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Emotional Expressions in English

Stephen & Murphy the Lab, 11-2004
All on a Summer's Day, by Alena, 01-2001
Stephen 54, between Mike 25 and Ralf 37, Germany, 06-2004
Emotional Expressions in English
I opened a Fotopages account today and am still finding my way around.
I came to the site from a Brazilian link on Google when looking for references to "uauuuuuuuuuuu" - an expression not often used in English. A Fotopages log included this "word" in a viewer response to a photograph called "Green" that depicted a close-packed pond of waterlilies.
If you say the word out loud, you may come to think (with me) that it's a visceral word < >. When used between people it signifies a deep, internal level of response. The word was addressed to me today in a letter I received by email and I was looking for a fitting response. The most common one in English is Wow, but that is a top-of-mind word with little sustaining power. Other, more visceral, response words include Grrr, and Ooaah, but neither word has the emotional depth of Uauuuuuuuuuuu.
I invite your comment on this topic: What emotional expressions in English convey the depth of feeling of the Latin word Uauuuuuuuuuuu?


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